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Textkritik zu Mk 1,1[Bearbeiten]

  • Head, Peter (1991): A Text-Critical Study of Mark 1.1: 'The Beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ', in: NTS 37.4 (1991), S. 621-629.
  • Wasserman, Tommy (2010): Mark 1:1 Handout. Zu dem Vortrag The "Son of God" Was in the Beginning (Mark 1:1) , den Wasserman auf der internationalen SBL-Konferenz 2010 hielt. Zusammenfassung von der SBL-Webseite:
    The text-critical problem in the very beginning of the Gospel of Mark is much debated. The main question is whether the phrase “Son of God” was accidently omitted from an original or added by some scribes in order to expand the divine name or the title of the book? The disputed words are enclosed in square brackets in UBS4 and NA27. Most modern translations and commentators include the words. Several scholars, however, have argued for the shorter version of Mark 1:1. In consideration of external evidence, including items that are not acknowledged as New Testament manuscripts, as well as internal evidence, this paper will defend the longer version including the words "Son of God."
    Etwas später hat Wasserman einen Artikel (Abstract hier) dazu veröffentlicht: Tommy Wasserman (2011): The ‘Son of God’ was in the Beginning (Mark 1:1), in: JTS 62/1, S. 20-50.

Jesu Taufe (Mk 1,9-11)[Bearbeiten]