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Abstract: This article endeavours to analyse Phil. 4:10-23 from a different perspective to approaches which tend to force ancient rhetorical categories on the letter. On the basis of a text-centred approach, this part of the letter is divided into two sectons, namely 4:10-20 and 21-23. Paul's dominant rhetorical strategy in 4:10-20 could be described as “Strengthening his special relationship with the Philippians by thanking them for their co-operation in the work of the gospel”. In the second section (4:21-23) Paul instructs the church leaders to greet all God's people in Philippi. In analysing the rhetorical strategies and techniques in 4:10-23, the focus is on the manner in which Paul argues, the type of arguments he uses and the rhetorical techniques that could enhance the impact of his communication. All these strategies and techniques enable Paul to achieve his rhetorical objectives.