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S.a. die Sammlung bei Open-Access-Werken zu Markus auf und
Mehrere Evangelien betreffende Themen finden sich auf Sekundärliteratur:Evangelien und Apg.



S.a. die Kommentar-Bibliographie.
  • Conrad, Carl W. (-2004): A Brief Commentary on the Gospel of Mark, nur online. Da Privatveröffentlichung, keine akademische QS zu erwarten. Der Verfasser ist Prof. emeritus in klassischer Philologie.
  • DeWelt, Don / B. W. Johnson (1965): The Gospel of Mark (=Bible Study Textbook 27). Joplin.


Zum Markusschluss s. Sekundärliteratur:Markus 16.
  • Head, Peter (2012): The Early Text of Mark, in: The Early Text of the New Testament (Hg. Charles E. Hill and Michael J. Kruger), Oxford 2012, 108-120.
  • Hurtado, Larry (2004): P45 and the Textual History of the Gospel of Mark, in: The Earliest Gospels: The Origins and Transmission of the Earliest Christian Gospels. The Contribution of the Chester Beatty Gospel Codex P45, Hg. Charles Horton. London, 132-48.


  • Guijarro, Santiago (2003): Why does the Gospel of Mark Begin as it Does?, in: Biblical Theology Bulletin 33, 28-38. (
    Abstract: Mark’s Gospel does not follow the rules of Hellenistic “lives”, which usually began by praising the ancestry and education of the main character. This is due to the fact that the data available to Mark were inappropriate for that purpose. Nonetheless, the beginning of Mark’s Gospel has the same purpose as the beginnings of other contemporary biographies: to show the ascribed honour of his character. According to Mark, Jesus’ honour does not come from his human family; it is due to his being God’s Son. Through a ritual process, centred upon a liminal stage of revelation and testing, the evangelist shows Jesus’ true identity as a holy man, capable of brokering God’s patronage on his people.
  • Hurtado, Larry (1989): Einleitung aus dem Kommentar Mark (Understanding the Bible Commentary Series)
  • Moloney, Francis J. (2012): Einleitung aus dem Kommentar The Gospel of Mark: A Commentary.

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the Angels Waited on Him” (Mark 1:13): Hospitality and Discipleship in Mark’s Gospel], in: Conspectus 8/2009, 1-25 (


  • Vorlesungskript von Thomas Söding, 2011, 91 S. mit Bibliographie und Einleitung.